Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was pretty laid back this year since we celebrated it on Saturday. The girls only had to dress up once (Mallory and Hayley's school doesn't celebrate Halloween at school) which was sooo nice!!

First, we had a Ward Halloween dinner at 4:00 p.m. with Soups, Chili's and Rolls. There were a lot of people there which was great. After we ate, they had a Children's Parade and we were done (no Trunk or Treat this year!!!).

Then we came home and had the girls WAIT until the first Trick or Treaters came to our door!! They were impatient little souls because they were asking every two seconds if they could leave. Finally, after our doorbell rang for the first time, Scott took the girls out!! Mallory and Hayley could have been trick or treating forever but Brittney got tired really quick. Scott took them around the two main blocks in our neighborhood and they all came in with plenty of candy.

After they got home, they all dumped out their stashes and sat there and sorted and traded with one another (just like I used to do when I was a little girl).

Mallory (a Ballerina), Brittney (a Good Little Witch) and Hayley (a leopard)

You can't see me!!!

An Orange Pumpkin Head Leopard

I drew Hayley's nose upside down--oops!!

Brittney and her friend Alyssa at the Ward Halloween Dinner

Ella, Alyssa and Brittney

Hayley, Mallory and Brittney

Mallory and her balloon bracelet made by Becky Bateman in our ward--she made a balloon creation for all the kids as they came to her house--she is talented!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Big Surprise!!

A big box arrived on our front porch the other day!! I looked at it and there was no return address. I knew I hadn't ordered anything in the last few days and I had no idea where this box had come from and I began to wonder if I should open it. I studied the box for another minute and then I saw the postal stamp of where it had been postmarked. It said, "Manheim, PA"--oh, it was from Scott's sister in Pennsylvania. She had called several months ago wondering if we wanted any of Taylor's clothes she had grown out of. We received a box of lot of clothes!! Mallory and Hayley were both so excited!! There were a lot of shirts and shorts (which I put away for next summer) that both Mallory and Hayley can were and lots of socks. Brittney was a little disappointed because nothing was her size. Mallory gave her a few pairs of ankle socks with bows on the back!! Brittney was in heaven!!! She wears the socks all the time with the heel of her socks up on her calves!! She loves them!!

Mallory and Hayley were so excited to wear some of Taylor's old clothes to school--they don't look old to me!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Black Island Farms

Brittney and I went with a few friends in our neighborhood to Black Island Farms today! Brittney loved being able to go somewhere just with Mom (she always runs errands and goes shopping with me by herself but this was a FUN thing to do alone with Mom)!!

My good friend Dallas organized the Little Preschool Group (so we could get a nice discount) we went with. First, we met up with Dallas, Deakin, Scotlyn, Brittany, Taigen, Amy, Arim and lots of Dallas' friends and their little kids. We went on the tractor ride first out to the Pumpkin Patch were Brittney was able to find her very own pumpkin--she had a hard time deciding but she finally ended up with a little pumpkin she could carry all by herself.

After the tractor ride, we went and looked at the calves, pigs, sheep, peacocks, turkeys, llamas, and goats. Brittney did not want to get close to the fences at all!! She is so funny around animals!!

Next, we went down the huge slides. Brittney was having a hard time climbing up the very first slide so I went behind her to help her up. Brittney sat on my lap and we rode down the slide together--I'm getting a little old to do this but it was fun. After going down the big slide once, Brittney ran to the shorter slides that she was able to do all by herself. Brittney rode on the Cow Train and jumped in the Huge Pumpkin. Brittney and I had a great time together!! Before we left, we bought a pumpkin for Mallory and Hayley and several other small gourds and pumpkins to add to our Fall Sensory Bin we made.

You can tell how much fun Brittney had just by the expressions on her face!! I am so glad I was able to capture this on film!!