Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Night at the Movies

PJ's- Check
Popcorn- Check
A New Movie- Check
Fun time- Check!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Visiting with Darcie

Today I took Brittney and Hayley with me to the Castle Park in Kaysville to visit my friend Darcie and her little daughter Mia (pronounced MEE-ah). Darcie and Mia are visiting from Texas and have been in town for a few weeks and are heading home tomorrow. My little girls love babies and Mia is no exception!! They love to look at her and watch everything she does!! They always have a million questions about babies!! My girls are definite baby lovers!! They will make great mothers someday!!
Last week, Darcie came to my house to visit and it was great talking to her and meeting her precious little baby girl! Today we took pictures! It was so good to visit with Darcie--she is an awesome friend of mine from my kindergarten teaching days--I was thinking about Darcie the other day and I went through four binders worth of Kindergarten Science ideas that she and I put together for a Science Workshop we taught in our district 10 years ago!! We had great times together!!

Brittney, Erin, Darcie and Mia (we are all kind of squinty because the sun was in our eyes--oh well--here we are!!)

Arika, Darcie and Mia

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another week of Soccer

Mallory and Hayley both got after the ball in their soccer games today!

Mallory made two goals this week! The team they played didn't have enough girls to play so Mallory's team rotated their extra players to the other team--it was a bit confusing because the girls didn't know if they should make goals for the other team!! Mallory did great!!

Hayley kicked the ball down the field and had a great assist for her teammate to make a goal!!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fremont Elementary School Carnival

I found out I was assigned a booth at the school PTA Carnival by chance--I happened to go to a PTA Meeting and I saw my name on the paper twice --I was to be in charge of the Hair Coloring Booth and also sell T-shirts at another booth. I do not recall every signing up for these "opportunities"--I think they were just assigned to me (Scott warned me about this-if you go to PTA Meetings you are going to get sucked in and before you know it you are the PTA President or something--don't worry--I have told them NO--PTA is not bad--I just don't have time to do a lot for the PTA right now, I would rather make a difference in Mallory and Hayley's individual classes right now). I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing I went to the meeting when I did!! They wouldn't have had capes for the Hair Coloring Booth if I didn't know I was in charge!!

Anyway, since I had jobs to do at the school carnival, my girls got to tag along!! They were so excited to get their hair painted and to jump on all the blow up toys that were at the carnival!! We all survived and Mallory was only lost once--for about three minutes we could not find her anywhere--she knew where she was but we didn't know where she was!! That is a very SCARY feeling when you are in a place with a lot of people and a lot of people you do not know!! Luckily we found her watching people get dunked in the dunking booth!!

Campout in the Living Room

I have a little 3-man tent I got from a Kindergarten Workshop a few years ago.

Every once in awhile, the tent makes it up into our living room for the girls to play. Well, today they got to play in it as well as have a little sleepover in our living room! Mallory, Hayley and Brittney were so excited!! I thought they would have a hard time going to sleep but they were pretty tired and they fell right to sleep!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Today was so different for us!! This was the first Sunday in 6 years that we were able to all ride to church together as a family in the same vehicle!! We were able to sit together and then all ride home together when church was over!! It is so nice to have Scott home with us (in the past Scott didn't get home until 5 p.m. at the very earliest--usually it was closer to 6 p.m.)! We came home and ate lunch and sat and lounged around most of the afternoon! All three girls ended up taking naps and we ate Popsicles together, played together and talked together! There were no extra meetings or anything. It was so nice!! I wonder if Sunday's will stay this way???

Scott snapped this picture of Mallory while she was napping. She had to come nap on our bed because Brittney had already fallen asleep on her bed. Mallory created her own little WALLS around herself for protection during her nap! It was so cute!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soccer Fall 2010

Mallory and Hayley had their 3rd soccer game of the season this morning!
Mallory is on a team with her good friends Abigale and Morgan and also, Ashley and JayLynn from our neighborhood. Mallory's team is called THE RED DRAGONS!! Today Mallory played awesome! She was able to score 4 goals and her friends Morgan scored at least 5!! It was so fun to watch them play. It is so different this year because we are playing AYSO and it is very different than Clinton City (AYSO doesn't use goalies and only 5 girls play at a time--Scott and I are trying to get used to it)!!! Mallory giving us a "THUMBS UP" after scoring a goal--with Morgan and Abigale

Mallory running to give us a high 5 after scoring another goal!!!

Mallory being congratulated by her coach after scoring another goal!!

Mallory kicking the ball towards the goal!

Hayley's team this year is "THE PURPLE GRAPES"! Her division is very different in AYSO. She plays on this tiny little field with tiny little goalie nets and only 3 girls play at a time!! They have 4 five minute quarters so the game goes really fast!! Here are a few shots of Hayley playing today:

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Great New Song

This amazing song was written by my cousin Jim Funk (along with the help of a few others) and is sung by Jim's wife Jessie Funk. The first man in the video is my cute Grandpa--Grandpa Wood who served in World War 2!!

Grandparent Breakfast

Mallory and Hayley invited Grandpa Ropelato to go to their school's Grandparent Breakfast!! They were sooo excited for Grandpa to come. They had a "Grandparent Egg-stravaganza" and had eggs for breakfast!! Mallory and Hayley had a wonderful time with their Grandpa!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


We will resume blogging more frequently as soon as we resolve Hayley's issue in regards to church attendance. Hayley announced Sunday that she will no longer be attending church due to the fact that she is unable to attend Linger Longer's at the Young Single Adult Ward. Scott was released from the bishopric after serving there for the past 6 years--Linger Longer's, Family Home Evenings with the YSA's and YSA Activities have been a highlight in the lives of our three little girls!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Brittney's 3rd Birthday!!!

Brittney has been waiting for her birthday for months and months!! She tells everyone "My Birthday is September 6th!!". She is so funny!! On Friday, before we left for Cherry Hills, her little friend Preslie gave Brittney two little fairy dolls and a Tinkerbell Snap Bracelet!! Brittney thought that was the neatest thing!! Thanks Preslie!!

This morning when she woke up, she was so excited to be "THE BIRTHDAY GIRL"!!! She acted out the part sooo well. She kept telling us she didn't need to do things because "I'M THE BIRTHDAY GIRL!!" Brittney opened one of her presents this morning while we were still at Cherry Hill (she got a Bead Lacing Set) and we had her wait to open the others until we had cake and ice cream tonight. When we got home, we unpacked the trailer, ate dinner and then we decided to go to Grandpa Ropelato's and take Brittney's cake and ice cream to share with him. Brittney opened her other presents at Grandpa's too (an elephant shirt, two pairs of pants and some ABC magnets)!!

We sure do love you!!


Opening her present (I forgot the gift bag I had at home so we wrapped her present in the funny papers--Brittney thought it was wonderful!! I'm so glad she isn't too hard to please!!)

Brittney and her lacing beads

Hayley, Brittney and Mallory sticking the candles in the cake

Brittney is all smiles for her special day!!!

Cherry Hills

Labor Day weekend is becoming a new tradition to go camp at Cherry Hills!! Brittney thinks that we go to Cherry Hill just for her birthday (her birthday was over Labor Day last year too)!! We left as soon as Mallory got home from school on Friday and we stayed until Monday (we came home Sunday for church because we were so close). We had a wonderful time together as a family. On Saturday, we bought passes to Cherry Hills to go swimming and on their slides. It was such a nice day--90 degrees!! There were quite a bit of people but it wasn't too bad either!! We spent a lot of time in the Lazy River, A LOT of time in the swimming pool, we went down the Dragon Slides twice, and Hayley went on the Rapids twice--once with Scott and once with me!! It was so nice to go to the trailer in the middle of the day and eat lunch and relax for awhile before returning to the pools until closing!! The girls were in heaven!! Brittney jumping in!!

Erin and Hayley in the Rapids


Scott and Hayley in the Rapids

Scott stuck under the waterfall

Scott giving high 5's to Hayley after going down the Rapids

Hayley sopping wet after the Rapids