Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve

We had Brett, Julie and Brittyn come over to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us. I decided I wanted to fondue and I invited them over to do it with us (we use to fondue with friends and family on New Year's Eve a lot). I made a beef broth to cook the steak, shrimp, broccoli, carrots and mushrooms in. It was really good and fun. I also made a cheese fondue to dip French bread. 

We talked and had a great time. The kids went out and ice skated for awhile too. We melted chocolate and dipped sponge cake, pretzels, grapes, strawberries, wafer cookies and marshmallows (I forget to get out the bananas and pineapple—oops). 

Watching the ball drop in Times Square-- all ready to run outside!

Scott, Julie, Brittney, Brittyn and Hayley

Julie, Brittyn and Brittney outside in the COLD!

Brittney ready to toast to 2016!

Hayley sharing her wish for 2016!
Julie brought over crowns for the girls, some confetti, streams, poppers and sparkling grape juice! We turned the TV on around 11:57 and watched the ball drop in New York and then we went outside to yell and watch others in the neighborhood shoot off fireworks. 

Here’s to 2016!!

Birthday Parties

Last week, Mallory and Hayley had been asked by one of our friends (Vera) to come to her daughter’s (Audrey’s) 7 year old birthday party and teach the kids how to make charm bracelets. Vera gave them each a huge charm bracelet kit so they could figure out how to make them and then teach all the kids at the party how to do them. I helped Mallory and Hayley figure them out and we found a few tips to make things run smoother (putting the sets in baggies plus giving each child a paper plate so their beads didn't roll all over).

The Charm Kit

There were 23 kids at the party!  Brittney was invited to the party so I went along too to help Mallory and Hayley prepare (sorting beads and bagging them for each bracelet). They had a good time. I told Mallory and Hayley this would be a great “Faith In God” goal that they could pass off.
Mallory and Hayley each helping Audrey's friends

Mallory's finished bracelets

As soon as Audrey’s party was over, we had to rush to the movie theater on 12th Street in Ogden for Mallory and Hayley’s soccer friend, Sarah’s, birthday party. Sarah’s parents invited Brittney and I to stay and watch “Hotel Transylvania 2” with them so we could help drive everyone back to their house for cake and ice cream after. Hayley wasn’t too thrilled that Brittney and I sat on the same row as she was at the movie! Funny girl!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Ear Piercing Day

Today was the day! I took Mallory, Hayley and Brittney to the mall to get their ears pierced at Claire's. They had each received $30 along with their coupon from Santa to use to get their ears pierced. They all decided to go with a basic package and then buy a set of earrings with the rest of their money. Their was a great excitement in the air!

Hayley went first. They all got to hold a little bear--just incase they were a little scared! They all did great! No one cried or even said "ouch"!

Next was Brittney's turn! She said it hurt until they put the solution on to clean them after!

Mallory was last! She was too cool to hold the bear the right way! Haha! One of the ladies got her gun stuck on Mallory's ear and had to press the trigger again to get it off! I didn't get a picture because I was a little worried for a minute!

They girls love their new look! They keep asking if they look different and if it is ok to turn them again. I told them to turn them as much as they like! It was a pretty exciting day! A great Christmas present!

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Today I was released from Activity Days—it was a short two months but I really enjoyed it and will really miss it. Really, really miss it!!

I think this Stake Assistant Camp Director might be a little more involved than I thought. I was supposed to have a big meeting today but it was canceled due to a sickness—I’ve been reading things and watching a video to be prepared to share thoughts and feelings about camp and a theme and how to use the Laurels to help plan. I am excited for camp—it will be an adventure I have never done before but I am excited to learn and grow from it too!

Sacrament Meeting was amazing again today! I love when the meeting is focused so much on the Savior. I need to rewatch the Christmas video the church put out last year, “The Gift”. Our sacrament meeting today was all about that video. I loved how Travis Hancock (Ray and Carol Hancock’s son from Hooper—his family is the one moving that we helped this week—they are moving to Yuba Lake—he will be the ranger down there), talked about Jesus Christ’s return. He shared an experience from his mission in Louisiana where there was a huge religious fair of some kind. I guess our church’s booth was right next to the Catholic booth. In our booth, they had a huge picture of the Savior’s Second Coming (the one with Christ in the white robe coming through the clouds) and next door they had a picture of the crucifixion—more people were drawn to the LDS booth because of the bright, happy picture—we need to focus on His return and invite Christ into our everyday lives (that was Travis’ message). I loved how he said, “The Atonement is real if we allow it!”. So true!!

Mallory, Hayley and Brittney sang with all the senior Primary girls today with the Primary Presidency. They sang “A Child’s Prayer” which really brought the spirit more! I love the Primary songs and I love listening to children sing it—you can tell they feel it and know it!

Our last speaker was Rachel Trommlitz who just returned from my Aunt Vicky and  Uncle Steve’s mission (she never met them—she was always in other areas). She spoke on “the Gift” video too. She talked about Discover Jesus, Embrace Jesus and Share Jesus—it was so good and so focused on the Savior!!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

More of Mallory's Quilting Skills

Mallory had her friend Sarah Strong come over (soccer coach’s daughter) today to sled and to play. They ended up coming inside and they sewed and made some pretty amazing pillows. Mallory should have been Rebecca’s daughter—she is a quilter at heart. 

Mallory's pillow design-- all ready to sew

The finished product

The other day when I went to Grandma Wood’s, I asked if I could borrow her cutting mat for a week or two so I could sew pillows for Mallory’s bed. She gave me her mat, ruler and cutter and said to keep them since she doesn’t use them. Mallory was crazy excited—she had them on her Christmas list and crossed them off since Grandma said to keep hers. Grandma told me if she ever needed it again—she knew where to come to use it! 

Maybe I'll have Mallory make the decorative pillows for her bed instead of me!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Mallory's gifts-- I snapped a few pictures before they woke up

Hayley's stuff

Brittney's things all ready
Christmas morning was wonderful! The girls woke up at 8:05 and ran up to our room. Scott and I had been awake about 20 minutes, just waiting for the girls to wake up. 
Ready to head downstairs and waiting for Mom to get the camera ready and take a picture!

When we all made it down to the living room, all three girls grabbed a gift that they wanted Scott and I to open first—they didn’t touch any of their own presents until after Scott opened his new church shoes we had found for him and I had opened a nice pair of black boots (the girls and Scott went shopping on Wednesday night). After we had opened our gift, then the girls started to open theirs. Later, I was asking Mallory what her favorite part of the day was. She said her favorite things was when Scott and I opened our presents. I told Mallory how sweet and kind and giving she it—she truly is more concerned about others than herself (most of the time)—what a sweet and Christ like attribute to have. I hope she will continue to cultivate this attribute throughout her life. 

Scott opening his new church shoes

Mallory received clothes, books, fabric quarters, flair pens, a small hymn book with her name on it, the Piano Guys Christmas CD and piano ornament, a new quilt, earrings (lots of different ones) and a coupon and money to get her ears pierced, movies (“once I was a Beehive” and an American Girl Collection), a BYU shirt and other things. Hayley gave Mallory some mint green skinny jeans and Brittney gave her a new 3 ring binder (a cute one) with pencil pouch.  
Mallory checking out her stocking filled with candy, lotion, EOS's, and other small things
Mallory's binder from Brittney
Mallory was just a little excited for this movie (she has held it in her hands many times at the store over the past few weeks asking for me to buy it!!
Mallory's new hymn book
Mallory with her BYU gear-- we love to watch the BYU Women's Soccer games on TV
Mallory's "Piano Guys Christmas" CD and piano ornament
Mallory's Santa Gift tags

Hayley received clothes, an Eiffel tower lamp, books, fabric, movie (the new Cinderella one),  flair pens, a small hymn book with her name on it, earrings (all beachy things like starfish, turtles, etc.) and a coupon and money to get her ears pierced, movies, a new quilt, a BYU shirt and other things.  Mallory gave Hayley an Eiffel Tower jewelry holder and Brittney gave her a 3 ring binder with a pencil pouch (again, a cute one).
Hayley was pretty funny--she was so excited she kept falling off the couch onto the floor-- Hayley with her new watch
Hayley's Eiffel Tower Lamp for her bedroom-- she loved it!

Hayley checking out her Eiffel tower jewelry holder from Mallory--She loved it!
Hayley's new binder from Brittney

Hayley in all her cuteness!
Hayley and her hymnbook

Hayley opening her Real Salt Lake soccer scarf

Hayley's Santa Gift Tags

Brittney received clothes, a new coat, white ear muffs, panda mittens, movies (Hotel Transylvania, Inside Out, and The Wizard of Oz), books, fabric, flair pens, a small hymn book with her name on it, a card of Aloha earrings (about 20 pair) and a coupon and money to get her ears pierced, a BYU shirt and other things. Mallory gave Brittney some leg warmers and Hayley gave Brittney a cute green shirt with a hood.

Brittney reading her coupon to get her ears pierced-- Santa also left money in the envelope to pay for their earings.
Brittney has wanted ear muffs for quite some time-- she was pretty excited to get these fuzzy white ones!
One of Brittney's new shirts

Ear piercing Coupon straight from Santa
Ears pierced coupon
Brittney with some of her Fat Quarters for sewing

Brittney's Santa Gift Tags-- luckily they all said "nice"!!

Scott received new church shoes, a few shirts, “the Infinite Atonement” book, beef jerky, two lint rollers plus several other things.


Scott checking out his new book

I received some cute black boots, some fuzzy and very comfortable slippers, some moccasins, a scarf, new glasses for dinner and a coupon to get a new iPad or kindle (since Scott has taken over mine for bishop stuff) and new pots and pans. It was a wonderful Christmas! We are so blessed!

My moccasins
I just love my fuzzy slippers-- I wear them all over the house since they are so warm and comfy--LOVE THEM!
After we opened gifts, we watched “Once I was A Beehive” together. Scott saw it last week with the Young Women and wanted to have all of us watch it together. Mallory was over the moon excited that she received the movie—she gave many hints that she wanted it. She had it in her hands many times at the store and since I had already purchased it a few weeks earlier—I kept telling her “maybe another time” or “not today”. What a cute movie!! We laughed and I cried several times. The girls and Scott all looked at me as I started singing the camp songs along with the movie—they were shocked I knew them—it’s a girl’s camp thing. They sang “The Noah Song” and the “Mormon Boy” song (but I learned it as another song back in my day but the YW this year taught it to me. I shouldn’t have sung my version to them—but I did—it doesn’t sound so good now that I’m an adult and was their leader—it wasn’t one of my smartest ideas.)

We were able to FaceTime with my parents on their mission. I bet they were sick with the girls moving the phone around so much and so quickly trying to show them everything. I finally took the phone and had each of the girls come to me with something they wanted to show so the camera stayed steady. It sounded like my parents had a great Christmas too with the other senior missionaries (there were 12 of them together celebrating-- Canadian and American style).

We went sledding out back again today. Morgan and Grace Bailey came over to sled and then our girls went to their house too. I guess they have a huge, man-made hill in their backyard.

Hayley and Brittney going down the hill the girls have created over the past two weeks out behind our home

Mallory pulling Brittney back up to go again

Hayley heading down the hill Scott helped create yesterday

Mallory and Brittney going down again after Scott gave them a big push

Scott’s mom and Clark came by to visit and they stayed for about an hour. The girls showed off all their gifts.

We went to visit Scott’s dad later in the evening. Scott's brother Wayne and his wife Christy and son Michael came while we were there too! It was nice to visit with everyone.

It was a wonderful Christmas. We ended with talking about Jesus Christ and the gifts of ourselves we could give to Him this coming year when we got home. We watched “Hotel Transylvania” together (I fell asleep about 15 minutes into it—I had to watch it on Saturday since I had never seen it).