Friday, October 23, 2015

Soccer Halloween Scrimmage

Tonight, Mallory and Hayley's Soccer team- Utah United, had a little scrimmage with another team. Everyone was decked out in their Halloween costumes with cleats and shin guards. Mallory went dressed as a candy corn witch and Hayley a ballerina with a black, hot pink and purple tutu. (Mallory kept her pointed hat at home.) It was such a fun night! They had a huge photo session first with the opposing team before the scrimmage (I hope I can get a hold of a few of the pictures since my cell phone while it was getting dark wasn't the best.). The girls had a great time! Our team played exceptionally well and the girls had fun in the process--just how soccer is supposed to be!

 Eating cupcakes and posing for pictures!
After the scrimmage, Mallory and Hayley invited several girls over to our home to "hang out" for two hours. We found them all something to eat and they had a great time together. We are very, very grateful that our girls have such GOOD friends! We couldn't ask for better!

The Little Things

This beauty came in the mail today! January cannot get her soon enough so I can use my new planner. When I was in high school, I carried a Franklin Planner with me everywhere I went. It was my life! I used it almost hourly to write where I need to be and when, what assignments I had and when they were due, and everything I needed to accomplish! I love getting a new planner filler each year for Christmas from my parents. I was very busy in high school and my Franklin Planner helped me stay on top of everything. I used a Franklin Planner all through high school, college, my first years teaching kindergarten and for several years after Scott and I were married. Scott talked me into trying a Palm Pilot for a few years and I hated not seeing exactly what was written (there was a little dot on the calendar that I needed to click to see what I had going on but it didn't give me a good overview of my day, week, etc.).
The past 7 or 8 year I have been using a desk calendar. For years, my desk calendar hung on our fridge so the entire family knew what was going on. Many people have told me I need to use the calendar on my phone. I tried it for awhile but found it wasn't working for me-- I still wanted to see a physical layout of my day, week and month. I have found over the past few years that I needed a planner I could put in my purse and also have it lie open on my desk. Sometimes I have been away from home and I schedule dentist appointments or haircuts, just to get home and realize I have double booked myself--then I have to call and reschedule something. Well, I have been looking at this planner for a year or so and I finally bit the bullet and bought one. It is a Mormon Mom Planner ( I am excited to use it because everything will be in on spot!! There is a monthly spread and weekly spreads. There is a planning page each month just to plan Family Home Evening Lessons too! There is a place to record my monthly visiting teaching and a place to menu plan each month plus areas to set goals for the month, make to do lists and even plan birthday parties. There is a space to write the Sunday School lesson for the week and Relief Society Lessons (or Primary or Young Women--depending on your current calling). Anyway, I am very excited for my new planner. I haven't written anything in it yet-- I need to start adding birthdays and things on a day when my handwriting is good so it still looks pretty! haha

(I was not compensated at all to write this blog post--I am just sharing my excitement!)

Brittney's First Reader's Theater in 2nd Grade

Brittney performed her first Reader's Theater today in 2nd grade. She and her reading group performed "Haunted" by Shel Silverstein.
Each group did a wonderful job! After each group had performed their reader's theater, the whole 2nd grade sang, "I Like Being Me". They all sang their little hearts out! I love this song and it's message (I used to sing this song with my kindergartner's back in the day).

Here are the words of the song:

I like being me
And my friends help me see
I'm somebody special
Happy as can be 
I feel good inside 
When I do what's right 
I help my friends and family 
I like being me

Great job Brittney B!

Monday, October 12, 2015

A little post written by our Sister-in-Law Dawn Ropelato

Today, I read my sister-in-law's blog post on her blog. She entitled it "Feeling the Spirit". She wrote about Brittney's baptism on Saturday and I wanted to preserve the memory on my own blog so I totally cut and pasted what she wrote (I asked permission first).

I know I don't always post about everyone's baptism but I had many thoughts today and wanted to share.  Today Brittney was the only child being baptized but the Chapel was almost as full as it is on Sundays.  There were so many family and friends there to show their love and support to Brittney and her family.  I felt the spirit so strong just walking in the Chapel.  Most of my kids were there and the few that weren't were working.  I love how supportive our family is...even extended family.  I felt the spirit a few more times before Brittney was actually baptized....I love feeling the spirit and having it testify to me that things are true and right.  When Scott was ready to baptize his baby the spirit over came him and filled the entire room where everyone was tightly together.  It was awesome watching Scott perform this sacred ordinance.

I had been thinking of Scott lately and a few times I was able to be there for him.  One time when Scott was single and lived by himself he got really sick.  I can't remember what was wrong but he came and stayed at our house so that I could help him.  I know I didn't do much for him but it sure made me feel good that he trusted me to come to our house.  I do remember him calling my name during one of the nights because he was experiencing heart burn or something like that.  I do think I knew what to do and how to help him that time.  It was a privilege to me to take care of Scott.  Then when Scott and Erin were married he asked me if I would sit in the "mother" chair that was reserved for his mom since Donna hadn't been endowed.  I was so honored to be there for him.  I love Scott and his darling little family.  I met Scott when he was still little and have watched him grown into an awesome man.

Scott was just called to serve as the Bishop of his ward a few weeks ago.  That calling says a lot about a person and I will have him and his family in my prayers because it is not an easy calling at all. I know Erin and his girls will be very supportive because they are all so wonderful.  Erin has had many leadership callings and has been prepared to support her hubby.  They will all do a good job because they always strive to do what is right and they are a close family. 

Our family sure does love this family.  We enjoyed camping with them at Cherry Hills a few years back and we also enjoy having them join us for our Thanksgiving Celebrations.   I love their cute girls who all love taking care of the little babies and are really good at sports.  Fun Family!

***there was a little discussion in Scott's back yard of the proper way to say Ropelato.  I have always thought it was funny that it is pronounced differently by the family. ☺

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Brittney's Baptism

Brittney was baptized today by her dad! Everything turned out beautifully. We had a lot of family and friends who came to celebrate with us. At the baptism, Brittney was able to sit on the stand right by Scott, since he was presiding over the meeting as Bishop. She was pretty excited about that!

Our great neighbors (and the mothers of two of Brittney's friends) , Julie Barnett and Sara Pack, were asked to speak at Brittney's baptism. They both did a beautiful job! Scott gave Brittney a wonderful blessing during her confirmation. We had everyone come over for desserts after the baptism (and I forgot to take pictures). We had cookies, brownies, doughnuts, root beer floats and ice cream. (We also had orange floats with Sunkist-- one of my neighbor boys said, "I can't have that! It has caffeine in it! Since when does orange soda have caffeine in it? Well, I guess now! I'd better start reading labels better before I purchase things-- I had no idea-- and yes I had to double check and read the label and YES Sunkist Orange Soda has caffeine in it-- so the Bishop's family was serving Caffeine at their daughter's baptism!!!)

 Stacey and her kids stopped by before the baptism to visit a few minutes since they wouldn't be able to come over after the baptism. We were so happy they stopped by--we had to take a picture!
 Here is Hayley, Katelyn, Abbie, Andrew, Mallory, Brittney and Sarah.

 Brittney in her baptism dress (this special dress was bought by Grandma Peterson to be worn by all the Peterson granddaughters when they were baptized).

 Erin, Brittney and Scott

 Mallory, Erin, Brittney, Hayley and Scott

Brittney and Scott

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Brittney's Soccer Team

Brittney is on a new soccer team this fall. She is playing with the Outlaws. She has a great coach and a really good friend from our ward on her team and she has made some new friends. Her team practices at the Weber County Fairgrounds and their home field is in Harrisville. We have played several teams from Layton. Tonight we played a team and Brittney scored our lone goal! 
Way to go B! 

(Don't you just love their colorful uniforms!)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Walk to School Day

Today was "Walk to School Day"! My girls have been dying to walk to school and home from school (but I won't let them without me-- I know, I know! How come my mom let me walk everywhere when I was there age and I won't let my kids? It's a totally different world with different circumstances.)  On Monday, I walked home with my girls and some of their friends-- my girls were in heaven (and now I know I definitely won't let them walk home without me--nothing bad happened or even close to it but it is too far and there is no one they know on the way home, etc.).

So today was Walk to School Day, so my good friends and I walked our kids to school together--Us, the Barnett's and the Chadwick's! We had a great time but had to leave 30 minutes earlier than normal. I wonder how soon they will be asking to walk again????

Sunday, October 4, 2015

General Conference October 2015

Today we were able to watch General Conference together as a family. We had our traditional treat buckets plus our "packet" to take notes in. Brittney is a girl after my own heart, she loves to take notes. Here is our notes, side by side, after President Eyring's talk on the Holy Ghost. I love the cute things she decides to write and I love the way she spells things! I love my little 8 year old!

I love listening to General Conference-- I always learn new things and have a new list of things to work on! I  can't wait to listen to the talks again. 

Here is the Conference Countdown we used this year. (The banner can be found at )

Behind each pennant, we had a slip of paper that had a "Did you know..." statement of each of the 12 apostles and  the First Presidency with a quote from their April 2015 Conference address. We loved reading one each night for the 15 days leading up to conference. Some nights we forgot, so a few times we did two in one night. We might have even done three one night too ;). (I found the countdown slips at ).

Hayley made me this sign--what a sweet daughter I have!  I guess I am 3 awesome's and 3 amazing!