Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Here is the fun 6-pack of Scott's favorite treats: Swedish Fish, gummy bears, honey roasted peanuts, M&M's, and corn nuts. We would not let Scott in the house for awhile last night as we were filling and covering his bottles!!

The girls each colored and wrote in this booklet we found all about dad! They answered questions about their daddy and it was quite funny! Here is Scott reading the booklet Mallory, Hayley and Brittney made for him.

We also got Scott the book "Seven Tipping Points that Saved the World". (Scott read the first 50 pages tonight before he went to bed! We gave my dad the same book today too.)

Scott received a new pump for his basketball!! (The little girl who bent his old one shall remain nameless- but oh, she's sitting on his lap!! She kept trying to pump up her ball that has a hole in it without any luck and bent the needle!)

After church my parents stopped by and visited for awhile. We then went out to visit Scott's Dad and give him his gift. We gave him some chocolate and a coupon to go to dinner and a movie (he says he hasn't seen a movie in the theater for 10+ years).

Scott is the best dad in the whole world!! Our little girls have their daddy wrapped right around their little fingers! He loves to play with his little girls! They are always asking him to jump on the trampoline with them, swing with them, give them underdogs, play soccer or basketball with them, go on a bike ride with them and he does. They definitely know who to ask for ice cream or a popsicle, a treat at bedtime or to stay up late!

We so appreciate you calling us together for family prayers and scripture study!
We love you SCOTT!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Miller Motor Sports Park

Today we went to Miller Motor Sports Park in Grantsville. Scott needed to go and look at a trailer there that needs fixed and he took all of us along for the ride to keep him company! This was our first visit! We were able to see bullet bikes racing around the track at top speeds (175+ mph) as they prepared for a big race tomorrow. We even saw a bike crash on its way around a curve and luckily the rider was able to walk away from it! We watched young kids (4 years old and older) racing go-carts too! The trailer Scott needed to do an estimate on, was for a company that fixes Porsche race cars! We went on a tour of their garages and saw several of the race cars they prepare for races. Mallory, Hayley and Brittney were quite fascinated by it all! People who race cars, motorcycles, and go carts have some serious moola!!!!
Racing is a very expensive sport (right Tera?)!!!
Watching the bullet bikes--Scott thinks he needs another bullet bike now!!

Mallory enjoying her ice cream as she watched the bullet bikes zoom by!

Hayley "How much longer until we go home?"

Brittney enjoying some gummy frogs!

Erin--this is the only picture we have that captured and actual bullet bike in it!

Mallory, Erin and Brittney by one of the Porsche race cars--Brittney was terrified of a huge dog that was walking around that looked just like a bear cub!

Mallory and Hayley by another Porsche

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Park City Mini Vacation

At the last minute, my parents were able to secure two of their timeshares in Park City this week. Mallory, Hayley, Brittney and I went up Wednesday morning and stayed until Thursday afternoon. It was such a short trip, but it was soooo nice to get away. I really wish we could have stayed longer but we had other commitments on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The girls were so excited to go and stay in a condo overnight! We stayed at the Marriot Summit Watch Resort which is sooo nice. My parents had two separate units (they were across the plaza from each other--we literally could look inside each other's living room windows across the way) with three king sized beds between the two and three pull out couches! When we arrived on Wednesday morning, we unloaded all our stuff. Mallory, Hayley and Brittney each had their bag of clothes, a backpack of toys, a blanket and their Pillow Pet. We looked like we were staying for a whole week instead of just overnight! I guess I didn't pack very lightly either because I brought a few projects and books to read, just in case I had time (I didn't)! After we dropped all of our things off in the room, we went with my Mom to check out the facilities (the pool, the kids club room, the kids activities, etc.) before we ate lunch. My SIL Tera and her two kiddos, Ella and Ezra, arrived (my youngest sister Becca and her kids, Chloe and Wesley, were already there--they were lucky and able to stay the entire week with my parents). While Ella and Ezra tried to take a nap, Mallory, Hayley and Wesley fingerpainted! They had so much fun!

Later, we took the kids swimming and they had a blast! I made Mallory, Hayley and Brittney all wear the life jackets the entire time unless they were in the hot tub or when I worked with them on their swimming one-on-one! The pool was a lot warmer than I thought it would be! We stayed at the pool for about 2 hours before it was time to shower and get ready for dinner. At dinnertime, Aleece and John and their kids: Kaitlin, A.J., and Arika arrived as well as my sister Leslie and her kids Conner and Griffin. We had quite the house full for dinner but we had a great time just being together!

We didn't end up going to bed until almost 11 p.m.! Mallory and Hayley had staked out the window seats as their beds when we first arrived. Brittney and I slept in the fold out couch with Conner, A.J. and Kaitlin on the floor in the living room! It took the cousins awhile to settle themselves down so they could go to sleep!

On Thursday, we ate breakfast, got ready and headed to a park down the road. We all played there until my girls and I dashed back to the condo to grab and stuff, eat a sandwich and get on the road home!

It was such a nice mini-vacation! I so wish we could have stayed longer--I never got the chance to head to the outlets shopping!! Maybe next time!!

Hayley and Brittney fingerpainting

Mallory and Wesley--Wesley LOVES red!

Britt Bee

Hayley hanging out in the hot tub!

Mallory lounging in the hot tub!


Dad, Aleece and lots of the kids going for a walk on the plaza between our rooms!

Conner, Mallory, Aleece, Kaitlin, Brittney, Wesley, A.J., Dad and Hayley (on Grandpa's shoulders)

Mallory's Window Seat bed--with a very HEAVY blanket

Connor and A.J. on the floor in front of the fireplace

Hayley and Kaitlin--the best little cousin friends!

Brittney gets to sleep with MOM!! Lucky girl!!

Brittney, Mallory, A.J. Kaitlin, Conner, Chloe, Wesley (hiding in the back of the stroller), Arika and Hayley under THE SHOE TREE in Park City on the trail to the park

Mallory at the Musical Park (they were lots of wood and metal things with sticks to bang on--very creative!)

Hayley playing some pieces of wood!

Ella--what a cutie!!

Brittney went in search of her own sticks!!

Hayley swinging at the park

Brittney hanging on for dear life!

Wes flying through the air with Becca ready to catch him!

Brittney digging in the sand