Sunday, June 17, 2012

Clinton Creepers-- 2012 Wasatch Back Ragnar

Clinton Creepers Van #1
Corey, Jantzen, Steve, Mike, Amie and I (with Scott as our driver)
@6:45 a.m. before we headed up to Logan to start the race on Friday, June, 15, 2012

Things I Learned and Relearned from
Running the Wasatch Back Ragnar
"Clinton Creepers"

1.  Always look for the good in others
2. It is so important to motivate and encourage others on their path through life.
3. Strangers can easily become friends as we help one another.
4.  Everyone’s path in life is different and each path is difficult in its own way. (Each of our legs were different and unique - we can’t compare them to one another in difficulty because each and every leg was difficult to each of us in one way or another.)
5. No matter how much training you do, you will run into bumps and unexpected things along the way.  You will be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
6.  The power of prayer and the power of the Atonements is REAL!!
7.  The importance of the love and support of those we love the most will get us through the hard times when we want to quit or give up.
8.  The importance of working together as a team.  We couldn’t have finished the Ragnar without the efforts of each and every team member!
9. We can’t do it on our own.  We must allow Jesus Christ to walk with us along the path of life.
10. There is a “Runner’s Wall”! It is real, but we can push through it and accomplish what we have set out to do!!
11.  There is a power in music!!
12. Positive self-talk (even talking outloud) can do wonders!
13. Running long distances is as much a mental effort as a physical effort!
14. After all we can do–- the Lord will make up the rest!!

I ran with some amazing people!! Everyone came and did their part and it was an awesome experience!
**Each of these lessons has an experience behind it! I will have to write them down soon!! Stay tuned!!
-Erin Ropelato
Sunday, June 17, 2012

Me finishing my last leg!!!

My sister Rebecca and I--Becca ran on another team but we met up at the finish line in Park City! It was wonderful to see her finish with her team!!

My wonderful "Clinton Creepers" team!! We finished the 197 miles in 34 hours and 48 minutes!!