Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Day to Remember

Today this is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary on our calendar! This is truly a day to celebrate! (in honor of today-- Brittney and I delivered her baptism invitations!)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Ward Pumpkin Patch Night

Tonight was our Ward Pumpkin Patch Night at our ward garden. Each year, Bryan Wayment plants and tends and waters a garden plot for the members of our ward. Each year, we meet together so the kids can pick pumpkins, we eat treats, take pictures and enjoy one another's company. This years harvest did not disappoint. Here are a few pictures from the night. It was Bishop Ropelato's first major event (besides his first day at church yesterday :). WARNING: Picture overload and I didn't even take my camera!

 Mallory and her friend Abigale

 Preslie, Ella and Brittney

 Preslie, Brittney and Ella

 Brittney and Ella (eating a dirty onion)

 Preslie, Ella and Brittney

 Shanna, Maizey, Hayley, Erin and Clara

 Hayley, Shaylee and Nikia

 Mickayla, Hayley, Shaylee and Nikia

 Hayley, Shaylee, and Nikia

 Hayley (the soccer player) with Shaylee and Nikia (who are in gymnastics--hahaha)

 Aria and Mallory--Mallory is preparing now to be a future mother--it warms my own mother heart!

 Mallory and Abigale eating peppers straight from the plant

 Picking Pumpkins

 Crede, Brittney, Maizey, Faith (not too happy), Hayley and Ella

 Preslie and Brittney

 Brittney, Scott, Mallory, Erin and Hayley

Sunday, September 27, 2015

40 Day General Conference Challenge

On August 19th, I began a 40 Day General Conference Challenge. The challenge was to read a talk from the April 2015 General Conference each day for 40 days. I decided to post the assigned talk each day on Instagram and Facebook-- sharing it with many family and friends each day. I decided to have this as my Personal Progress Knowledge 10 Hour Value Project. The challenge ended on September 27th. I was able to read each and every day the assigned talk. I decided to mark each talk according to the eight Young Women Values. So anytime I read something that pertained to one of the values, I would mark it. It was a great experience. I am so glad I was able to read and learn each and every day the past 40 days.

Here is the comment I made on this final day on Instagram and Facebook:

This is the final day of the "40 Day General Conference Challenge"! I made it! As I flip through my General Conference Ensign I see a lot of things I underlined in black-- black was the color I chose to mark all the teachings about faith (I chose black since I wouldn't be able to see white). Faith is so important, especially today! Faith is the first principle of the gospel because you have to have belief, faith and trust in Heavenly Father and His plan. Jesus Christ is central to His plan. As I turn the pages of these conference talks, I find quote after quote after quote that give me hope and strength and love and courage to "press forward feasting on the words of Christ". The one other thing I noticed was all the light blue markings-- for Divine Nature. We are literally sons and daughters of an Eternal God who loves us and wants us to become like Him. The one sure way for us to become like Him is through families. "The family is ordained of God...happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of Jesus Christ". Thank you for allowing me to share this challenge-- I read each and every day and it has truly blessed my life for the better! I loved last night and I am looking forward to next weekend for General Conference!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Brittney's Baptism Photo Shoot

Here is a little peek at Brittney's Baptism photos we took today! Such a beautiful, kind, loving, thoughtful, helpful, studious, energetic little eight year old! We love you very much Brittney!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Outlaw Soccer Team

Brittney is enjoying playing soccer on her new team--THE OUTLAWS! Brittney loves to play soccer and is thrilled to be a team where everyone loves and wants to play soccer!