Saturday, February 26, 2011

Park City Weekend

This weekend we had the opportunity to go watch Taylor - Scott's niece and the girl's cousin- who came from Pennsylvania, compete in a gymnastics meet in Park City. We found out about the meet back in September and have had the dates reserved since then. The girls have been asking constantly since then how much longer until we could see Taylor and Cameron. You would have thought it was Christmas around here the past week--the girls have been soooo excited!!! We decided to make a mini-vacation out of it! Scott's mom and her two friends flew up from Arizona, Scott's dad and all of his brother's and their families came up too! We had quite the cheering section for the girls from Prestige Gymnastics, Taylor's club in Pennsylvania!! Taylor did awesome!! She won 1st place in the all-around for her age division for Level 8 (she also won 1st two weeks ago in Chicago!!)!! There were clubs in Park City from Utah, Nevada, California, Florida, Arizona and of course, Pennsylvania! Hayley, Taylor, Brittney and Mallory after the meet--Taylor is sporting 2 Gold Metals, a Silver, a Bronze and a 6th Place ribbon!! Taylor's club gave each of the girls these cute T-shirts to wear!! Overall, Taylor's club did very well at this meet!

Taylor standing on the podium (center) after receiving her Gold Medal for the All-Around!!

Taylor (front in the black and blue leo) with her teammate during the Opening Introductions!

Hayley, in the hotel room, playing a game on Mom's phone.
Obviously, us parents, aren't as funny as we think we are! LOL I'm sure we will see this look many more times when Hayley is a teenager!

Also at the hotel, Mallory was practicing writing in cursive!

Brittney enjoying all the amenities of a hotel room!
Thirty seconds after arriving in the hotel room, Brittney declared, "This is the BEST hotel EVER!! That might be due to the fact that this is Brittney's first hotel experience EVER!

The day before Taylor's Gymnastics Meet, we spent the entire day with Duane & Shari, Taylor and Cameron. We had a great time!!!

After seeing her cousin Cameron riding a miniature snowmobile, Mallory thought "anything a boy can do, a girl can do too"! She had a blast--taking after her dad at a very young age!

Mallory getting ready to make a huge train at Gargoza's tubing hill! It's a great tubing hill because you have a conveyor belt and tow rope to take you to the top of the hill!

Hayley waiting at the bottom of the hill so we could all make another run!

Brittney dragging her tube! She had so much fun doing a BIG KID activity! She was Aunt Shari's little buddy the entire weekend--she wanted nothing to do with her parents!! Brittney giggled the whole way down the hill! The guy at the top of the hill gave up on telling Brittney how to sit correctly in the tube. Girls will do what girls want to do!! You would have thought, that by how old he was, he would have figured that out by now!

On Friday, we also drove up to Midway to see the Ice Castles! They were pretty amazing sculptures we were able to walk through!

Ice Castle's in Midway


Hayley's zipper broke on her coat ten minutes after we arrived in Park City. We went to try and find her a new one without success. We ended up buying her a large jacket to wear over her coat so we could zip her up! Silly you can't find a kids winter coat in Park City in the middle of the winter!

Shari, Duane, Cameron and Taylor at the Ice Castles

Our little family in the doorway of one of the Ice Castles!

Taylor, Cameron, Mallory, Hayley and Brittney

Our girls think Taylor is their hero! She is so good and cute with them! Taylor and Shari were ready to pack our little girls home with them because Taylor wants three little sisters. Cameron probably vetoed this idea!! Since we have been home, the girls have been doing cartwheels and somersaults all over the house!

What a great weekend!!
Thank you so much
Duane and Shari!!
We love you!!