Saturday, January 14, 2012

Super Reader Party

In November, Mallory, Hayley and Brittney participated in a Reading Marathon where they read at least 20 minutes per night for 4 weeks. Each of them met their goal of reading at least 480 and were invited to a fun to a fun celebration at the Utah State Fairpark. We were able to watch a star show, make slime, plant flower seeds, make crowns, watch a magic show, make masks, eat snow cones, make capes, see animals from Madagascar (a cockroach, turtle, millipede and a hedgehog) and make harmonicas. We also watched an anteater run circles in an empty plastic pool!! The girls also received a brand new book!!

One of the highlights was to meet several characters from PBS Kids! We met Curious George, the Cat in the Hat, and Dog from Word World! (My girls LOVE PBS Kids!!!)

Hayley: a chemist in action measuring chemicals to create Glitter Slime

Hayley, Brittney and Mallory listening to the zoologist from Hogle Zoo talk about anteaters

Brittney and Mallory blowing a pompom through a maze

Hayley shooting a dart gun (I was amazed at how well all 3 of our girls did hitting the target!)

Brittney and the Cat in the Hat

Hayley and The Cat

Mallory and the Cat in the Hat

Hayley and Dog from Word World

Brittney and Curious George

Mallory making her "I Feel Super" cape

We had a great time together as a family!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Scott's Ice Fishing Trip to Rockport

Scott enjoyed his day off today by going ice fishing by himself at Rockport. He came home with 4 yummy trout for dinner!! (The longest two were both 17 inches long, one was 14 inches and one 13 inches).

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Grateful Santa Doesn't Fulfill EVERY Childhood Wish

For Christmas, Mallory asked Santa for Squinkies (Squinkies are little characters/animals that come in a little bubble). A few days before Christmas, Mallory started asking for additional accessories for Squinkies that she really wanted. I explained to Mallory that Santa probably had all her presents ready for her and it was too late to ask for something new.

Santa ended up bringing Mallory a package of 16 Squinkies and the Squinkie Mall didn't make it in Santa's Sack this year!!

On Christmas, Mallory created "Beds" for all of her Squinkies out of Legos. Over the past few weeks she has created her own Squinkie Amusement Park and her own Assesories to play with. It has been so fun to listen to Mallory explain everything she has created and how things work. I love seeeing her imagination at work!!

Here is a look at her creations:

The Squinkies beds (the special green bed with flowers on it is for the Squinkie of the Day--each night the Squinkies move one bed to the right so they all have the opportunity to be Squinkie of the Day)

A closer look at the Squinkie Beds

The Squinkie Amusement Park (made from our Geotrax train tracks). In the center of the Amusement Park is the blue duck pond (water=blue lid to a bin; ducks=Legos and lilypads=Legos)

The Squinkies Airplane

The Squinkies Restaraunt inside the Amusement Park (notice the yellow flower on the table inbetween the two high back chairs)

The ducks and lilypads on the pond in the center of the Roller Coaster

A closer look at the ducks


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Thirty Something Birthday

This morning, I woke up and made lunches and got Scott off to work. As soon as Mallory, Hayley and Brittney woke up, they made me go get back in bed. They have secretly been planning to make me breakfast in bed all week for my birthday (I kindof heard their plans on more than one occasion--they don't always use a whisper voice;)). I jumped back in bed so they could serve me my breakfast in bed!! They were so funny to listen to as they prepared my special breakfast! After about 5-7 minutes, they brought me a small cookie sheet with a bowl of Oreo Ice Cream and a glass of red Kool-Aid that they had made. After delivering my tray, they all scurried downstairs to dish themselves up a bowl of ice cream too! (I'm sure there teachers at school had second thoughts about my mothering skills when my girls went to school and announced they had ice cream for breakfast!!) Mallory, Hayley and Brittney all joined me on my bed to eat our bowls of ice cream for breakfast! They also brought me a box of 20-30 pictures and cards they had made for me throughout the week! I am so lucky to have such three wonderful little girls who made my birthday so memorable!

I really didn't do anything on my birthday that I normally do (like laundry, dishes and cleaning--I saved it for the next day). I watched "The Biggest Loser" episode from the night before while Brittney was at preschool and read a book for awhile too. I received many "Happy Birthday's" from friends and family on Facebook. I have wonderful friends that dropped by little gifts that made turning Thirty Something not quite so bad!!

I also received the beautiful family pictures we had taken in November for my birthday!! I love them and am so glad they are part of my birthday gift!!

Scott brought home an ice cream cake on Friday night for an additional day of my birthday celebration!!

Me, in bed, eating my wonderful breakfast of Oreo Ice Cream and red Kool-Aid (You have to love the "I just woke up 20 minutes ago" look)

My tray!! (I really ought to scrub that cookie sheet!)

Hayley and I eating our ice cream

Hayley loves the idea of eating ice cream for breakfast

Brittney and Mallory taking a picture of my Birthday Cake with their own cameras

Brittney, Mallory and Hayley taking pictures with their own cameras!!

So silly!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brittney Helping Herself

My BABY is growing up!!! Brittney wanted some strawberries after church today so she got herself a stool, knife and the strawberries and washed them and cut off their tops (plus a little bit more)!! Brittney is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!

New Year's Eve

Scott made homemade shakes for everyone on New Year's Eve!! We all got to choose which kind of shake we wanted and Scott went to work!! They were delicious!! This just may be a new New Year's Eve tradition!!

Brittney waiting for her Strawberrry Shake

The Shake Master at work!! (in the background behind Hayley ;))

Hayley's Oreo Shake

Mallory's Butterfinger Shake