Monday, September 9, 2013

Outlaws FC '04 Silver

Mallory and Hayley's soccer team is on our Outlaw FC club's website today!

They really played hard in this game. The game was at 12:00 on August 17th and it was HOT!!! Like 99 degrees HOT! Our girls played so hard! Hayley ended up playing goalie the 2nd half because our goalie went out with heat exhaustion right before halftime. We only had 8 girls to start the game (we play 8 on 8) and so we played the whole second half with only 7 players and we lost 2-0 against a really good team (who also had 4-5 girls on their bench that they could sub in).

In our minds--that game was a win! Our girls played their hearts out!

Brittney's Drawing

I had to post this picture Brittney drew a few weeks ago.

 Brittney was complaining about doing her chores for the day so I sent to her pick an "Extra Job" from the Job Jar we have. Her job was "Draw a picture of you happily doing your chores".

This is what she came up with!

I think Brittney is a great little artist and such a cutie!

 When she was finished she said, "Mom, I drew you too with a happy face because I did my jobs." The picture has been hanging on our fridge for a few weeks and it makes me smile every time I see it!

Brittney is so fun and such a sweetheart! She will always be my little buddy--I am really missing her now that she is in school all day!