Monday, November 30, 2015

Saying one final "See you later"

I decided this morning to go to the airport to say one final "See you later" to my parents as they left for the Democratic Republic of the Congo Lubumbashi Mission for 23 months. 

They entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo on November 16th but they were able to come home on the weekends and home last week for Thanksgiving. We never ever really said "goodbye" because we knew there were many more times to see them. 

I was so glad I came to the airport even though my parents didn’t want anyone to come. I stopped to pick up Aleece and we rode down together. I’m glad I got most of my tears out on Sunday but I am so glad I came Monday. It was great to have a small group of us there for one last hug and “see you later”. I knew I would have regretted not going.  

My sister Rebecca drove them to their airport along with her two youngest--Chloe and Grady. Leslie was there to help them check all their bags straight to Lubumbashi (Leslie has worked for Delta for about 15 years and knows all the ropes). David and Sarah came also. Leslie, David, Tera, Sarah and Rebecca helped them pack last night--they got one bag exactly at 50.0 pounds--right where it needed to be! My parents checked 5 large suitcases plus they each had a rolling carry-on plus their backpacks, laptop bags and other small bags. My mom made sure she brought a few pounds of chocolate chips and a few American baking supplies with her. She had heard that chocolate chips are $50 for a few pounds!

We took a few pictures, had a few hugs and kisses and cried a bit! It's really happening this time!

(Leslie, Erin, Aleece, Mom, Dad, Sarah, Rebecca and David--we are just missing Jared and Rachael who were there in Spirit--the middle picture was our last look of them as they entered the security checkpoint looking down as we headed to the parking garage)

It's going to be hard not calling my parents whenever I want to talk to them (we can FaceTime with them) or need something or need advise--things won't be quite so instant! I truly have been "born of goodly parents" who taught me the gospel of Jesus Christ, who loved me for who I am and allowed me to learn and grow and become the woman I am today! I am so blessed!! Love them so much! Am missing them so much!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Game Night

Tonight we played "Disney Monopoly" and "Charades for Kids" together as a family! We had some great laughs! 
I love my family!

A Very Emotional Sunday

We haven't "officially" said goodbye to my parents yet so this morning was the morning. My mom and dad were planning to take Grandma Peterson to her church in Hooper at 9 a.m.  I told my parents that the girls and I would come down around 10:20 to say goodbye to them before our church at 11. We arrived a little early to Grandma's so we just waited in the truck until they got home. The girls and I helped get Grandma into the house. My mom and dad said they decided they were going to go to Sacrament Meeting with us and then we could say good-bye so they could see Scott also.

We were there while Mom and Dad said goodbye to my Dad's mom- Wanda Peterson (who is 92 years old). Talk about rip your heart out! That's were my tears started. It was an emotional goodbye!

Mom and Dad came to our ward. I was sustained today as the Stake Young Women Assistant Camp Director. When we started singing the sacrament song, things just kind of hit me and hit me hard emotionally. My Mom was sitting right by me so we held hands the rest of the meeting. My mind was all over the place! Boy am I going to miss my parents--things just won't be the same for the next 23 months--but I do know they are doing what the Lord wants them to do-- they are doing what I want them to do and I know we will all be blessed for it!

After Sacrament Meeting, we went into the hall and hugged and said goodbye for real. I was crying, my mom was crying and Scott and my dad were teary! My parents headed up one hallway and I went another way. As I walked by several people, they said something to me about my new calling. I felt like I needed to let them know I wasn't crying because of my calling so I told them I had just said goodbye to my parents who are leaving for Africa tomorrow for two years. As I walked up the other hallway, my parents were at the top of the hall in the restrooms so I ended up hugging my mom again before I just had to leave to go to my class. I walked into my first week of the Marriage and Family Relations Sunday School Class, sat down, and just started sobbing--I just couldn't help it. My friend, Danielle John, got up and came and sat by me and put her arm around me. Just as I was getting control of myself, I looked at the door and my parents walked by for real and I started crying again. Our teacher, Brother Wallace must have thought I was crazy so I hurriedly said, "Sorry, I just said goodbye to my parents who are leaving on their mission for two years." Sister Wallace, who sitting on the other side of me (I am actually related to Sister Wallace-- Anne Greenhaulgh Openshaw is our common grandmother), taped my arm and told me she understood (they got home about a year ago from a mission to Martin's Cove).  I finally got control of myself and was alright the rest of the meeting.

Since today was the 5th Sunday so the bishopric taught each organization, Scott got to teach the adults today! I went in and sat on the back row next to one of my visiting teaching ladies who hasn't been to church for a few weeks. It was good to sit by her. Scott did a very good job-- he started off by talking about the responsibilities of a bishop. He talked about one of his main jobs as the bishop is to be a common judge. He then went through a list of about 15 self-evaluation questions. He ended talking about the fast--something that the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve taught to the Seventy who passed on to the Stake Presidents who taught the bishops who get it to us as members. We aren't utilizing the fast to it's full purpose and potential. Sometimes we are just going hungry for 24 hours. I need to work on the fast personally. I need to make sure I begin my fast with prayer and have a purpose for my fast. It was a great meeting-- Scott did a great job teaching!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hayley--Jazz Game

Hayley was invited to attend the Utah Jazz game with her friend Grace Bailey and her family (Grace's little brother wasn't feeling well so Hayley took his ticket--we had to make Gage a little thank you treat)! Hayley had a great time and said they had awesome seats!!

Thanks Bailey's for inviting Hayley!

New Ornaments

 So, we totally decorated our Christmas tree yesterday and this morning I went and bought new ornaments. I have always wanted to have new ornaments but never wanted to spend the money to buy new ones. I found some ornaments in silver and white that I really liked so I bought them. I knew they would go nicely with my purple and silver Names of Christ ornaments I made last year. We bought a new tree topper too that I really like! I have decided I am going to add more Names of Christ to my tree--right now I have 37 different names and I have a list of about 30 more I want to add! I can't wait until I get them done and can add them to my tree.

Here's a close-up of a few ornaments!

My sisters and I went to the store and we found little 3 foot trees with white lights for only $11 so I bought one for Mallory, Hayley and Brittney to each put in their bedrooms  We undecorated our tree and added the new ornaments and my girls took all the ornaments they have made over the years and put them on their own trees in their bedrooms (I was having a hard time taking off all the ornaments they have made over the years with their pictures on them-- seeing how they have grown-- I am glad I found trees for their rooms and we can still display their ornaments)!

Cousin Sewing Morning

Hayley ironing
This morning we met at Grandma Wood's so all the girl cousins could sew a Personal Progress or Faith in God cover. We had such a good time teaching the girls how to cut, iron and sew their holders together! They all turned out so cute (no picture of the final project ;)-- oops!) The girls all have other projects they want to make now! Mallory wants her own cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter too!
Brittney ironing

Rebecca, Mallory and Brittney

Rachael and Hayley

Mallory ironing

Mallory sewing

Paeton and Hayley

Friday, November 27, 2015

Christmas Decorations are up!

Our tree with all our ornaments the kids have made over the years plus my Ecuador dolls and Names of Christ ornaments
This afternoon, we put up our Christmas tree and decorations! It has been a few years since a few things have been out. While we were remodeling the past two Christmas', we didn't put as much out since there was no room. It was so fun to get everything out and decide where to put it! We even have decorations in the kitchen!
Our Nativity my mom made for me in 1996--I love it!
It hasn't been out for a few years since there was nowhere safe to put it! 

My Nativity from Venezuela--a wedding gift from my awesome friend Amber
(it hasn't been out for a few years either)

Bruce the Moose, the snowman and bear (they  have been in hiding awhile)

Fisher Price Nativity Stable

Fisher Price Inn

Fisher Price Wise Men

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

We had a yummy Thanksgiving Dinner with my family this year! We had smoked turkey (deliciously made by Doug), turkey, ham, mashed potatoes (we made enough for an army--I think we peeled and mashed 50 potatoes this morning---waaaay tooooo many), gravy, stuffing, salads, jello, sweet potatoes, homemade yummy rolls, corn, carrots, brussel sprouts (I tried some for the first time--not bad), and pies (Peanut Butter pie, Banana Cream pie, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Pie, Caramel Chocolate Pie, and many others! Everything was so good! There was plenty to eat and plenty of leftovers! We all ate well! We ate at Grandma Wood's church in Roy. The kitchen was being remodeled so we had to bring everything in crock pots. Luckily, the fridge was still working and one sink worked. 

Mallory in line with Chloe, Jared and Jacob
Aleece, Scott, Grandma Wood and Tera
Aleece, John, Chloe, and Arika
Leah, Jacob, Mallory, Conner and Reeghan
Sarah, Trent, Erin, Scott, Dad, David, Ezra, Tera
Ryder, Doug, Brayden and Colten
Mom, Grandma Wood, Brittney, Liz and Jared
Emma, Ella, Griffin, Kadee, Paeton, Hayley, Kaitlin, Justin
Andrew and AJ

Ella, Kadee, Hayley and Kaitlin
Ella, Kadee, Paeton, Hayley and Kaitlin
Brittney's meager plate of food
Grandma Wood
Scott taking a snooze

After dinner, the kids played futsol, basketball and lightening. Some took naps while some of us played games. We had a wonderful time with family counting our blessings!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New Calling

Tonight Scott and I went to the Stake Center to meet with President Barnett (our next door neighbor). I will be getting a new calling on Sunday as the Stake Young Women Assistant Camp Director! Oh--I am so excited to be working with the Young Women again. Ten months was not long enough! I am very excited to work with Sister Briggs, the Stake YW President and her counselors and with the Stake Camp Director, Becky Hollist, our Stake President's wife!
I am elated!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Why do we have bedrooms??

 Mallory's bed is once again on the floor in the rec room (which has no furniture nor recreation stuff yet). I guess she has been missing having her mattress on the floor so she set up camp with many of her belongings outside of her bedroom. I just have to keep reminding myself that it's ok and it's nothing to get too worked up about. Let them be kids!
Here is what is left over in Mallory's real room!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mallory and Hayley's Utah United Indoor Soccer Team

I had to take a screen shot of the standings board for Mallory and Hayley's indoor soccer team. They both played in the first four games (they probably will not be playing the all the rest of the games because only 10 of the 15 girls go to each game so they get more playing time). We were excited to see Mallory with 9 goals and 6 assists so far! They have played really well this season together.

Brittney's Outlaws Indoor Soccer Game

Today Brittney had an indoor soccer game against an all boy team (there were two boys from another Outlaw team that came to play with our six girls). It was a pretty good game.  There was one little boy whom Brittney was guarding most of the game. At one point, she took the ball right out from under him and he fell flat on the ground--it was a foul but the referee didn't call it. Oops! Brittney isn't scared on bit to play against the boys. I am glad she can hold her own!

The score was 2-3 (the other team was ahead) and then it was 2-4 and then 3-4 and then 4-4 in the last minutes of the game. With only about 45 seconds to go in the game, Brittney was passed the ball and she was dribbling up to get a shot (there wasn't anyone else between her and the other goalie). A boy came from behind and fouled Brittney inside the circle so Brittney had a penalty shot with 20 seconds or so left on the clock.

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and hurried to take a video as the referee was explaining the procedures for a penalty shot. Scott nor Mallory nor Hayley were able to make it to the game. To myself I thought, I ought to take a video of this, just in case! Boy was I happy I did! Brittney sent the ball right past the goalie and into the corner! I was a little bit excited!

Two hours later, Brittney's coach asked if she could come play in the futsol game since a few girls were missing (we decided not to play futsol right now because we had already committed to indoor and knew we couldn't do both right now timewise). Brittney made a goal in their futsol game too! Brittney is finally having her time for soccer and she loves it!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Evening with Elder and Sister Peterson (aka Grandpa and Grandma-- Dad and Mom

Tonight my parents were able to leave the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo to come home for the weekend. Two weeks ago, my dad called to see if there was a night they could come and spend with just our little family. Tonight was the night!

We had smoked turkey, parslied potatoes, rolls, spinach salad and jello for dinner with Chocolate Silk and Banana Cream Pie for dessert. We had our new dinnerware all ready to use too!

We had a very enjoyable evening listening to my parents tell us all about the things they have been learning this week at the MTC. We heard all about their "young" teachers, the other couples in their district, the devotionals, and opportunities to practice what they have been learning about "Preach My Gospel". They had such a celestial spirit with them! My eyes teared up a little as they walked through the front door with their black name tags on. Black Name Tags are a special thing!

We played "Sequence for Kids" with one another and traded off partners. Mallory, Hayley and Brittney taught grandma and grandpa all about how to use their iPads. Not one of us had ever used FaceTime (I have it on my iPhone but never tried to use it), but the girls figured everything out. My parents will be able to FaceTime with us while they are in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

My dad took a minute to share with all of us why they are going to serve a mission. They talked about how much they loved the Lord and wanted to serve Him and to do what He wanted them to do! That is why they are serving a mission. They know our families will all be blessed because of their service. They also want to set an example for all of us! I have wonderful parents who's dreams of serving a mission are becoming a reality. 

(Of the 19 couples at the MTC this week, only 5 couples were serving their first mission-- most were on their 4th or 5th mission-- AMAZING!--That will be my parents in a few years--heading out on their 2nd or 3rd mission.)

This is the only picture we have from this night-- my mom with Brittney taking the selfie!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

TJ Trailers Christmas Party

I love that Scott has his TJ Trailers Christmas Party in November every year--it makes December not quite so hectic! This year we went to Maddox again.  It was delicious! (Thanks to Dawn for the pictures--she always remembers to take pictures and I don't.)

We had a great time. Dawn and Larry had planned a Bingo Game to play while we waited for our dinner which was really nice. They had some awesome prizes for the winners too. There were employee prizes and guest prizes. Scott won a really nice sheet set and some towels. I won a tin of Chocolate Chip Cookies. It took us quite awhile to get our bingo (which was just fine). 

Thanks to Dawn, I have a picture of us right as we walked in!

 What a great night!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Family Home Evening with the Chaffee's

Tonight we had the Chaffee family over for dinner and Family Home Evening. Brother Chaffee and his daughters, McKayla and Michelle (Michelle had to leave early before I took pictures-- Michelle was our "daughter" on trek) came and had lasagna with us. After dinner, McKayla showed us some of the artwork she has done.McKayla was a sweetheart brought her watercolors and let us all create with her supplies.Mallory, Hayley and Brittney were in heaven--we had such a great time together. We ended the evening with root beer and orange floats.

Brittney, McKayla, Mallory and Hayley