Friday, February 26, 2016

No More Ice Rink

We put the girls to work today after school taking down the ice rink! They were good little workers even if they complained a lot!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mallory's Hair

A few of the many hair do's of Mallory!! I just love how she can do so many cute hairstyles on herself!! 

Mallory has been asking for a mannequin head for her birthday so she has a head to practice on (Hayley and Brittney won't let her do their hair very often). In talking to my neighbor, I found out they had a mannequin head that they just gave to us (I really tried to pay for it). The girls have been having fun doing her hair--the head scares us every once in awhile too!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Team BBQ and Glow Stick People

Tonight we had a Utah United Team family barbeque at Hailee Grieco's grandparents home in St. George. They were so gracious to invite us all over. Everyone brought something to share and we had a great time. The girls and all the siblings made themselves into glow stick people. We walked up the street and got a lot of honks from the cars passing by. It was a fun night!
Mallory and Breanna


Mallory and Sarah

Mallory and Sarah's glow stick people


All the glow stick people!!

Sunday in St. George

Today the girls and I went to church with Darinda and Stacey's family. We kind of surprised them at church- we didn't tell them we were coming. Scott got sick last night-- everything has finally caught up with him so he stayed back at the hotel. 

This afternoon, the girls and I went to the St. George Temple and visitors center. 

We also went to the Brigham Young winter home and had a great time. Mallory loved taking pictures for us. We learned some interesting thing. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

St. George Ice Breakers Tournament 2016

We went to St. George for the  annual St. George Ice-Breakers tournament for Mallory and Hayley. Last week, Mallory, Hayley and Sarah Strong made a plan for the weekend! Too funny! I wonder how many things will actually happen!!  
"The Plan" Mallory, Hayley and Sarah made
We arrived Friday night about 9:30. There are several other families here at the same hotel and the girls have loved that. Their first game today they lost 5-2. We were a little rusty the first half-- trying to remember how to play outside. By the time they remembered, it was a little too late. Mallory made both goals in the first game.
Mallory with Chelby behind her

Audree and Hayley

Hayley directing traffic before her throw in
The second game was a lot better, we won 5-1 and Mallory scored two of the goals. The girls swam last night and had a scavenger hunt and had a great time together. We bought pizza at the Domino's Pizza nearby and the girls enjoyed eating and swimming and moving from room to room! Good times!

Chelby, Rylie J., Danica, Sarah, Brooklyn, Shaylee, Mallory, Audrey
Hayley, Anna, Rylee R., Lexi, Maddie, Gracie

with Dave and Dustin

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day Boxes 2016

Mallory and Hayley made their own Valentine Boxes this year. They both found something they wanted to do on Pinterest and got busy. Here are their final products:
Hayley's BYU soccer field and Mallory's purple hippopotamus!

Scott's Truck

Scott's truck and a deer meet while Scott was driving up to Camp Kiesel by Causey Reservoir. Luckily Scott wasn't hurt but his poor Rodeo was! We have no grill!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Indoor Soccer--Utah United

Indoor soccer has FINALLY started up again for Mallory and Hayley. Their team took December and January off (which was really nice from a parent standpoint) but Mallory and Hayley have been chomping at the bit to start again. They have had a rough time going to Brittney's games the past two months knowing that they are not playing! It has been really fun to watch them play. Our team is playing at two different places so they will get their indoor soccer fix!

Hayley has played goalie a few times and she takes it pretty serious. It stresses me out watching her in the goalie box but she is also fun to watch. Hayley has pretty good footwork, so sometimes she will roll the ball out to herself and take it down the field leaving our goalie box wide open-- most teams aren't expecting it and she goes down and gets a great pass off to another teammate.

 Our girls are so blessed to play with such wonderful teammates--they love to have their friends come over after games or practice and hang out together. Here are a few pictures from their first games.....
Mallory #16 and Sarah #12 (their coach's daughter and wonderful friend) at the 12th Street Indoor Soccer Place

Mallory and Sarah all smiles during their game on February 6th

Hayley playing goalie on February 9th at Ultimate Indoor

Hayley passing the ball out after a nice save