Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mallory's Piano Recital

Mallory’s piano recital was today. She played “Holiday in Paris” by William L. Gillock and “Play it in Peoria”  by Melody Bober (a duet with her teacher, Becky Hollist--Sister Holllist). She did a beautiful job! 

Mallory was really nervous because she has been with her new teacher since February and wasn't sure what to expect from the recital. I loved how it was small and intimate (her teacher does three different times and only a 8-10 students at each recital). Mallory was lucky to have her Great Grandma Wood attend plus her dad, Hayley, Brittney and I there.
Mallory playing "Holiday in Paris" (this picture isn't the greatest--it was taken at the same time I was recording video to send to Grandma and Grandpa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Recital Group
Back L-R: Emma, Jane, Sister Hollist
Front L-R: Hayden, Isaac, Jeffrey, Hyrum, Addie and Mallory

Becky Hollist and Mallory

All of Sister Hollist's students, design a recital cover. Here is Mallory's cover (she traced the piano) plus the recital program. 

I wish I would have take a picture of the back of heads of the performers on the front row in the Recital Hall at the Piano Gallery. Mallory, Addie and Emma all sat together in a row, and all three had their hair done almost the exact same way (half up in a bun with hair still over their ears-- just a little something I noticed).

Great Job Mallory!

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