Friday, July 15, 2016

Clinton City Days Carnival and Movie

This week is Clinton Heritage Days. At about 8:30 p.m. tonight, we headed out as a family to the carnival. We bought some tickets and Mallory convinced Hayley and Brittney they need to ride the Ferris wheel. When Hayley got on, she told the Ferris wheel operator how scared so was. He gave her a few pointers as they loaded their chair. Brittney decided to go with me. The guy wouldn’t take my tickets because he said he always lets parents ride free with their kids. As soon as Brittney and I went up into the air so another chair could be loaded, Brittney started to cry and wanted to get off (we were waiting almost at the top of the ride at this time while others were loading). I convinced Brittney that she was alright and wasn’t going to throw up if she just closed her eyes. Brittney and I made it through the 20-minute ride (which including loading everyone and then going around a dozen times without stopping). Brittney was more than willing to get off when it was our turn. Brittney does have bragging rights over Scott since she made it longer than he did on the Ferris wheel (from many years ago before the girls were born). When he got to Mallory and Hayley, he asked if they wanted to stay on a few more minutes. They said yes and their 20-minute ride turned into a 45-minute ride. Hayley was a little scared at first but then she really liked it. 

We ended up going down the huge slide as a family and then the girls went again. 

We also stayed for the last half of the movie in the park, the new Star Wars movie. It ended at 11:45 p.m.!

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