Sunday, July 17, 2016

Stake YW's Camp Preparations

This week has kind of been a whirl wind! On Monday, I worked all day on camp things—compiling sign-up sheets and sending a big informational email. Becky (the camp director, I am the assistant stake camp director) left last Thursday and was gone 10 days! I am kind of down to the wire with just 14 days until camp and next week is the Peterson Cabin trip. I accomplished a lot for camp this week—printing and laminating certification cards, formatting a schedule for all the girls, ordering charms and crimp beads, ordering more crimp beads, purchasing jewelry making tools at JoAnn’s with 40% of coupons (and having several people come with me to use other coupons I had) plus writing and answering many emails and texts and phone calls along with three different meetings. I think I spent about 30 hours on camp this week alone!! I am looking forward to it!!
 I dreamed that the cinch backpacks I ordered were made out of gauze fabric that ripped as soon as they girls touched them.  Luckily, they arrived on Thursday, just as I hoped they would be—they will work nicely to hold the girl’s scriptures and Ensigns.

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