Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mallory's Violin

This morning, I decided to look again on KSL Classifeids to see if I could find Mallory a violin. I have been looking off and on for the past few weeks. 

Mallory is going to be taking orchestra in junior high and she is so very excited to play the violin. She has wanted to learn to play the violin for quite awhile (I admit, I have been the reluctant one-- I wasn't sure how she could do one more thing along with piano, soccer and Young Women's and just being a 12 year old). I finally decided I wouldn't stress about it and just let her try things she really wants to do. Scott and I decided we would rather buy a used violin instead of renting one hence my search for a violin. I had looked many times online but I have been very leery of buying one from someone I didn't know and having to meet them somewhere safe to look at a violin -- an instrument I do not know much about.  Most of the violins in our price range where in Salt Lake and I didn't want to drive to SLC not knowing if I would purchase the violin we went to see. I had no idea what brand of violin to buy. I heard there are a lot of cheapies out there which are not good at all. 

Anyway, today I looked and a violin I had seen online two weeks earlier was still online in North Ogden for an awesome price. There were 7-8 pictures of the violin with closeup pictures of the bow, the case, the bridge, and the fine tuners plus the inside with the the violin makers stamp. I looked online and saw that to buy the same violin would be $500 new. I decided to text the lady to see if it was still available. Luckily it was so I asked to set up a time to meet. We decided on 11 am today at a park in North Ogden (she told me she was sticking close to home because she was potty training so I felt good about meeting her-- she was a mom who cared). She texted me a bit later telling me that someone else was interested and I told her we would be there for sure with cash to buy the violin. We made it to the park and saw this beauty. The lady played the violin an taught violin and used this violin for demonstration purposes only. She now plays and teaches French Horn so she was looking for a good home for this violin. She told me all about the violin and how she worked in a music store and was able to purchase the violin for half off the regular price (and we were able to buy it for less than she paid and it has hardly been used). 

It is a beautiful instrument that will be perfect for Mallory! There isn't a scratch or anything on it. Mallory is so excited! I really feel this was the perfect purchase and I almost feel like we were lead and guided to it!

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